Market Research

Project Highlights

One of our significant achievements has been the compilation of a GIS Mapping Project for the Ehlanzeni Municipality.  The scope included identifying and capturing all the tourism outlets and their amenities, as well as capturing the GPS co-ordinates.  Additionally, we were asked to capture all the commercial and informal activity in the region.

The primary objective of these studies  were to understand where the shoppers live in proximity to the store, how do they travel to their shopping destinations, why do they shop at certain stores and not others, and what were the main determining factors that help them choose a particular store to the exclusion of other stores? We did more than 8 shopper studies for SPAR distribution center. These were all full service projects where we designed, collected the data and provided the analysis and final report to the client.

Annually we conduct more than 500 Business banking surveys across the various industries across all provinces in South Africa.